Flow of use  
This site provides the following two services.

(1) You can select popular products by country from the product list and purchase them from the shopping cart.

(2) Even if the product is not in the above service (product list), you can purchase it by searching for the product on our behalf if you upload the photo after registering as a member. In this case, we will email you a quote for the amount once, and you will be billed after your consent.

The payment methods (1) and (2) above are all credit card payments.

  Hand carry service  

Our service is a service in which customers carry their products back to Narita Airport and hand them over at the coin locker closest to the departure terminal.

Therefore, when requesting a quote on the shopping site or uploading a photo, we will ask you for the departure date and time and departure terminal.

Without this information, we will not be able to reliably deliver the product to you, so please be sure to fill it out.

Please see the video below for details on the process of delivering the product.