Company Profile


company name

Umi to Mori Planning Co., Ltd.

Location of business


7-13-6 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Business contact information

Phone number: 050-3537-6779

Business hours: 8: 45-18: 00

(Regular holidays: Wednesdays, Sundays, national holidays)

Market base


45 Iinaka, Narita City, Chiba Prefecture

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​Planning and sales of frozen foods

​We plan and sell products that are pressure-cooked in a microwave oven using Kesennuma swordfish.

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​Sale of fresh fish directly from the market

We sell high quality fresh fish from Toyosu Market online.

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Obtaining a visa for foreigners visiting Japan

I am helping you.

Obtaining a visa by our director and administrative scrivener Morihiro

It is a consulting service business.