The outbreak of the new coronavirus is currently having a serious impact on people in the tourism industry around the world.

Government guidelines that encourage social distance and avoid three-cs to prevent infections are urging a major shift in the traditional tourism business. How can the roads that turn the economy by preventing infection and visiting foreigners coexist? With the declining birthrate and aging population, it is said that it will be impossible for Japan to become a prosperous country by itself in the future.

In order to turn the economy under such circumstances, I think it is necessary to recover foreign tourists to Japan and capture inbound demand in the future. I think there is now a need to solve this problem by balancing infection prevention and the economy.

Therefore, we propose a new form of travel, Sumatabi, which proposes a completely different form of travel.

What is Sumatabi?

Buying Japanese specialties around tourist destinations poses a risk from the perspective of preventing coronavirus infection.

If you order the products you want to buy in Japan through the WEB in advance, you can hand over the desired souvenirs and special products at the airport. You don't have to go to each tourist spot to buy souvenirs, reducing the risk of infection.

In addition, since you do not have to carry around the purchased products, you can travel lightly empty-handed.