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We will carry popular souvenirs from Japan to Narita Airport on the day of departure.

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I've always admired Japan after hearing from a friend.

I was able to go sightseeing in 2019.

I heard from a friend in my home country that there is a convenient website, so I picked up popular souvenirs at Japanese hotels in advance.

The ordered product is as explained in the video.

Arrived at the coin locker on the day of returning home

I am relieved because I was there.

I didn't have to carry large luggage during sightseeing, so I was able to travel very easily.

Thank you very much!

Customer testimonials
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My relatives live in Japan and have visited there several times for sightseeing, but I found it difficult to prepare souvenirs each time.

At that time, I found this website, so I ordered it immediately.

Does it really reach Narita Airport at first?

I was a little worried, but I was relieved that the lockers at the airport had arrived properly on the day of the event.

Souvenirs are also very good for friends I was pleased!

It seems that you can search for products from the photos, so I would like to try it next time.

Thank you very much!

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Last year, I stayed in Japan for a month for business.

I heard about this website from a friend who works at a travel agency, and decided to give it a try, so I bought Japanese sweets a week before returning to Japan.

I ordered some.

Properly accept orders and contact delivery schedules

I got an e-mail, so I can rest assured that the rest

I was able to see the time.

A friend of the company who gave me the souvenir also goes to Japan

If you have a chance, I definitely want to use it said.

I would be happy if the number of products increases.